Welcome to anticorruptionexperts.com

We are a team of recognized senior compliance experts lending our knowledge, skills and energy to mid to large sized national and international businesses to help them develop, enhance or monitor their ethics programs and anti-bribery & corruption management systems and integrate these systems into their compliance program.

We have experience in local anti-bribery and corruption laws (FCPA, UK Bribery Act, Swiss laws) but what sets us apart is our ability to navigate cases across multiple jurisdictions.

You can contact us in confidence through HaYa Chat in relation with a situation involving bribery or corruption. This is an application that allows users to establish contact without sharing, accessing or storing any personal information. The exchange is privy to the users and anticorruptionexperts and does not go through a platform of any kind.

We work in English, French and German. We can also accept assignments requiring a good working knowledge of Arabic, Italian or Spanish.

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Jean-Pierre Mean
Nawal Aït-Hocine
Malika Aït-Mohamed Parent
Francesco Clementucci
Karen Egger
David Simpson

Marc Tassé