Technical Papers

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1. Criminal Responsibility of Judges for Unjust Judgments (co-authored, Council of Europe, 2020)

2. Italian Anti-Corruption Agency at 8th UNCAC Conference of State Parties: its role in the “Network of networks” of corruption prevention agencies (co-authored, 2020)

3. Confiscation acquitted: EU law drops charges against Non-Conviction Based (NCB) confiscation (2020)

4. Improvement of procedural safeguards for providing defense in criminal procedures involving money laundering, seizure and freezing of property in the Balkan countries (American Bar Association, 2019)

5. Assessment of the effectiveness of anticorruption measures for the public sector and for private entities (co-authored, 2019)

6. Assessment of the Code of Conduct for Civil Servants, with International benchmarking (2018)

7. License to drill: a manual on integrity due diligence for licensing in extractive sectors (World Bank, 2018)

8. Italy’s new Anti-Mafia Code (Trade Security Journal, June 2018)

9. Assessment reports on corruption in the national prison system (Council of Europe, 2016, 2017, 2018)

10. Anti-corruption task forces and specialized anti-corruption authorities (TI, 2017)

11. Corruption risk mitigation plan for the national prison system (Council of Europe, 2016)

12. Capacity building in legislative corruption-proofing methodology (Council of Europe, 2016)

13. Assessment report on the conformity of the national system to major international standards related to corruption in the private sector, including a set of concrete recommendations (UNDP, 2016)

14. Integrity code of conduct for Small and Medium Enterprises – SMEs (UNDP, 2016)

15. Compliance analysis of whistle-blowers law vis-à-vis Council of Europe recommendations (Council of Europe, 2016);

16. Criminal law, procedures and practices concerning liability of entrepreneurs (Council of Europe, 2015);

17. Manual of procedures on anti-corruption inquiries (co-authored, Council of Europe, 2015);

18. Risk assessment methodology for public procurement review (co-authored, Council of Europe, 2015);

19. Number of intentional homicide and conflict-related deaths per 100,000 people (World Bank, 2014);

20. Percentage of people who have access to an adequate dispute resolution mechanism (World Bank, 2014);

21. Using Asset disclosure for identifying politically exposed persons (co-authored, World Bank, 2012).