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Technical Papers – Assignments   Francesco Clementucci is an Italian Lawyer specialized in anti-corruption, rule of law and public administration reform. He advises for international organizations (including the World Bank Group, European Union, the Council of Europe, UNDP, UNIDO, OPCW, OSCE, OECD, WFP, FAO, ENA, USAID, ADB) and national agencies, on various aspects of integrity and good governance. After an exchange year at the Turku law school in Finland, and a Law degree at La Sapienza University of Rome, Francesco obtained a Master in European Advanced Interdisciplinary...

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Technical Papers

About me – Francesco Clementucci – Assignments     1. Criminal Responsibility of Judges for Unjust Judgments (co-authored, Council of Europe, 2020) 2. Italian Anti-Corruption Agency at 8th UNCAC Conference of State Parties: its role in the “Network of networks” of corruption prevention agencies (co-authored, 2020) 3. Confiscation acquitted: EU law drops charges against Non-Conviction Based (NCB) confiscation (2020) 4. Improvement of procedural safeguards for providing defense in criminal procedures involving money laundering, seizure and freezing of property in the...

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About me – Francesco Clementucci – Technical Papers   • Ethics Advisor (NSHR), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) (Italy) • Senior Integrity Adviser, Asian Development Bank (ADB) • Senior Ethics Adviser for the Civil Service Bureau (CSB) (Georgia) • Key Adviser for ENA-France, on Good governance and Anti-corruption, Tamboula project (Central African Rep.) • Senior Expert, Legislative Support Unit, OSCE/ODIHR • Key Expert, Public Governance and Transparency, UE project «HAKAMA» (Morocco) • Senior Anti-Corruption Adviser, National Anti-Corruption Agency (ANAC) (Italy) •...

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