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Technical Papers – Assignments   Francesco Clementucci, an Italian Lawyer, started his career at the European Court of Human Rights, and then as Officer at the US Embassy in Italy. Additionally, he has been a research assistant in justice and home affairs at the Center for European Policy Studies (CEPS) in Brussels and a long-term election observer in Venezuela in 2005 for the EU Commission. Currently, Mr.Clementucci advises for international organizations (including the World Bank Group, the Council of Europe, the United Nation Development Program, the Organization for the...

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Technical Papers

About me – Francesco Clementucci – Assignments     Mitigation plan concerning corruption in the national prison system, Council of Europe, 2016 Capacity building in legislative corruption-proofing methodology, Council of Europe, 2016 Assessment report regarding corruption in the national prison system, Council of Europe, 2016 Assessment report on the conformity of the national anticorruption system to major international standards related to corruption and integrity in private sector, including a set of concrete recommendations, United Nations Development Program, 2016...

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About me – Francesco Clementucci – Technical Papers   2018-current: Hakama project (Morocco), Key expert on Integrity and Good governance   2017-current: National Anti-Corruption Agency – ANAC (Italy), Senior Adviser   2015-current: Council of Europe, Legal Expert on Good governance, Anti-corruption and anti-money laundering Jordan: Legislative corruption-proofing; Awareness-raising in developing anti-corruption programs in the private sector Macedonia: Corruption risk assessment and mitigation plan in the national prison system, including review of code of ethics...

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