Corruption in Latin America: The Odebrecht scandal in Brazil

By David Simpson
Published on Tuesday October 22, 2019

It has been a few years now since the infamous Operation Car Wash scandal broke in Brazil. Despite this, it continues to entangle business leaders, politicians and other stakeholders in a swampy and fetid mess up until present day. 

In this video we re-examine one of the biggest bribery and corruption scandals in Latin American history – and the involvement of the engineering firm Odebrecht (which admitted in 2016 to paying over $800 million in bribes and was forced to pay an eye watering fine of $3.5 billion as part of a settlement deal brokered by authorities in Brazil the US and Switzerland.    
While this scandal took place in Latin America, its relevance is global, and it’s therefore important for organizations doing business internationally (particularly in Latin America) to better understand the context and ramifications of this transnational scandal, and to look at what lessons can be learned from this case going forward.


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