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ISO 37001, boosting the effectiveness of anti-bribery and corruption efforts

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Jean-Pierre Méan

Interview of Jean-Pierre Mean,
made by by Mark Dunn in Anti-Bribery And Corruption (March 29, 2018)

Published on the LexisNexis blog on Tuesday May 22, 2018

Jean-Pierre Mean is an anti-corruption lawyer who played a leading role in the development of ISO 37001, a recent global standard by which companies can measure their anti-bribery and corruption policies. He is now leading the working group which looks after the implementation of the standard. Mr. Mean invited LexisNexis to speak with him about the standard at his Geneva home, just a stone’s throw from the famed Swiss lake. There, he explained why the standard has been developed, how governments and companies have reacted to it so far, and how companies will benefit from seeking accreditation.


How to shape anti-corruption training?

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Jean-Pierre Méan

By Jean-Pierre Méan 
Published on Tuesday May 15, 2018


Anti-corruption training should obviously be shaped so as to support and promote the goal of an organization’s policy on corruption, which is (or should be), simply put, to encourage personnel to abstain from any corrupt behavior.

Most training programs attempt to reach that goal by providing knowledge of the organization’s anti-bribery policy and procedures and of the applicable anti-bribery laws, with an emphasis on the FCPA and on the UK Bribery Act because of their extraterritorial reach and also because they are in English and therefore easily accessible for organizations operating in a multinational environment. (suite…)

The Myth of Goodwill

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Malika Ait-Mohamed Parent, Under Secretary General, Governance & Management Services, IFRC Orientation for the RCRC Statutory MeetingsInterview of Malika Aït-Mohamed Parent,
made by Virginie Coulloudon,
Executive Director,,
during the OECD Global Anti-Corruption and Integrity Forum, 29 March 2018

Published on Tuesday April 24, 2018


Goodwill can be a myth and a threat to good governance. This is what Malika Aït-Mohamed Parent, an independent anti-corruption expert tells Your Public Value today. Malika Aït-Mohamed Parent has been focusing on humanitarian assistance. She is committed to developing and supporting processes for better governance in humanitarian organisations. She explains how crucial internal oversight is for any non-profit organisation. We met her at the OECD Integrity Forum, where  she discussed the management risks in contexts of fragility. (suite…)

The new Italian Anti-Mafia Code (3 out of 3)

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“Corrotti” like Mafiosi


By Francesco Clementucci 
Published on Tuesday April 10, 2018


Third parties in good faith enjoy better protection: The rights of third parties resulting from acts in good faith prior to the seizure are guaranteed. The court administrator can be authorized to pay immediately « strategic creditors » for the benefit of business continuity. (suite…)

The new Italian Anti-Mafia Code (2 out of 3)

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“Corrotti” like Mafiosi


By Francesco Clementucci 
Published on Tuesday March 27, 2018


Transparency in assignments of court appointed directors: They must be chosen among the members of an official roster (the « albo« ) according to transparency rules that will ensure the rotation of the assignments. The Minister of Justice will have to identify appointment criteria that, inter alia, take into account the number of nominations already in place (which may not exceed 3). (suite…)

The new Italian Anti-Mafia Code (1 out of 3)

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“Corrotti” like Mafiosi


By Francesco Clementucci 
Published on Tuesday March 6, 2018


In September 2017, the Italian Parliament passed a new Anti-Mafia Code which sets corruption on the same footing as mafia and brings more effective seizure procedures, transparency in assignments to fight nepotism and greater opportunities to intervene against companies infiltrated by organized crime. These are just some of the goals that the new anti-mafia code aims to reach. (suite…)

Facilitation payments in Canada

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By David Simpson
Published on Tuesday February 27, 2018


« Facilitation Payments” are no longer a permissible category of payment under Canada’s Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act, (CFOPA). The removal of the exemption was always anticipated but it has now formally come into effect. (suite…)

All you need to know about ISO 37001: Post scriptum

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Answering ISO Critics


Jean-Pierre Méan

By Jean-Pierre Méan 
Published on Tuesday February 20, 2018

ISO 37001 has been generally well received and considered as an important step forward in fighting corruption globally. However, several critics, especially in the United States, have expressed doubts about the usefulness of the new Standard.

One of the points raised is that ISO 37001 is   deficient because it does not include some practices included in other instruments. (suite…)

All you need to know about ISO 37001: Getting certified (7 of 7)

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How is certification carried out?


Jean-Pierre Méan

By Jean-Pierre Méan 
Published on Tuesday February 6, 2018



Once the decision has been made to become certified for anti-corruption management systems, the first thing to do is to obtain a copy of the standard. Standards are available on-line from the ISO store ( or from national ISO member sites at a price of between $150 and $190. ISO is rather strict on affirming its copyright; the income from the sale of the standards is used to (partially) finance itself. (suite…)

All you need to know about ISO 37001: Going for certification (6 of 7)

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How does one get certified under ISO 37001?


Jean-Pierre Méan

By Jean-Pierre Méan 
Published on Tuesday January 23, 2018



One of the features of ISO 37001 is that it is a requirements standard and, as such, certifiable. This requires, however, some explanation as ISO 37001 may be used in different ways, (suite…)