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The myth of good will, Your Public Value, Interview, 13 April 2018 here

Managing corruption in context of fragility, IACA website, Blog, 05 March 2018, available here

Insights into Corruption prevention and control in the Humanitarian Space, IACAlumnus, March 2017, page 21, available here

Corruption prevention and control in the Humanitarian Space: Paving the way from Naivity to Compliance, International Anti-Corruption Academy, December 2016 (Soon on IACA web site )

Corruption: a challenge that doesn’t escape the humanitarian sector, Humanitarian Alternatives, November 2016, availabe here

Alleviating Human Suffering – The Humanitarian Imperative, IACAlumnus, November 2014, available here

Lawful but awful from a synergology point of view, Institut Suisse de Synergologie, November 2016, (Final report)